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Mobile footage of car explosion in New Dehli

28 Nov

Terrorist attacks against Israel in the name of Palestine or Islam or frequent since the creation of the state of Israel. However, bombings in other countries such as shown in this case in New Dehli in India in front of the Israeli Ambassy show that terrorists will have no scrupules in showing their ideals and their hate towards Israel even in a country not concerned directly by the conflict. Indeed the explosion of the car was produced by a bomb implanted underneath it, presumably stuck while stopping at a red light by some bike rider that fled after according to witnesses. A diplomat was injred as well as four other people. This video found on You Tube piqued my interest as it reached a personnal sphere of my life as well as a very interesting subject saw in class.

Indeed I was raised by an American Catholic mother whose origins are 100% Italian, and a French Jewish father whose parents are both Tunisian Jews. I was therefor raised very liberally and I’ve always had a very open mind regarding other religions and other peoples’ actions. I think acting in the name of religion is something that should have never existed: even Chrisitians implying that Muslim terrorrists are unadvanced because they still act int he name of god where catholics stopped 400 years ago is plain stupid according to me. Jews and Muslisms have, moreover, been living together for centuries without a problem. Now that this secluded and, often shown through history, persecuted people which are the Jews, want a « piece of dirt » that is Israel, all the hate is led to them. Where it was supposed to only concern Palestinians and Israelis, has now become a conflict between Muslims and Israelis: I point out the fact they are Israeli fighting and not Jews, as Israel is a non-religiously lead country (people have tattoos, eat pork, and can dress the way they want). It was proven that the basements of the temple of Solomon in the Jewish quarters in Israel were built by Jewish people, as well as the whole ediffice; that is to be precised since the Muslims claim that they built the temple, which makes Jerusalem and Israel theirs. That is only to be precised IF a people that has known so much pain and grief through history, who built a religion being the founding to Catholicism and Islam, does not already deserve even this small piece of land as a place to live peacefully.

The video was then taken in India, but there is no doubt this car would be still in flames if we were in the early 2000s or in the 1990s: since it could only have been taken at that moment by a real camera held by a cameran working for a news network. The video here was taken by a person stopping by who had a phone that could make such recordings, as many people have today. The footage was then taken and sent to news networks (as the footage taken from the plane crash in Hudson River was) and Broadcast and argued over as any other footage on the news: the cell phone which probably had internet access as well could have performed the action of sending the video to the network internet site within seconds. Not only that, but there was no CCTV cameras near the site making it even harder to get raw footage from the event.

In the end,are those phones we western people all have, thinking it is normal or due to us, a good way to fight tyranny (as shown in class with Neda and Iran) and terrorrism by making it easier to access and share information in other hands?