Hollande, a weak loser? or a strong-willed warrior?

5 Déc

Francois Hollande and his Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault are in the front lines in a battle against the French people always complainign as usual and the sarcasm and mockeries of the UMP and the rest of the right political wing: the Socialist Party on the other side compliments the President as to say he represents a Presidence of fighting much in need in times like these.

He assures his presidence will be exemplary, simple, and in contact with other people’s thought (he made it clear he wanted to be as close to the people as he could be). However he states the Prime Minister as a man only supposed to help apply the political ideals he thinks of during his mandat: a bit like the UMP and the right wing Presidents would do with their Prime Ministers after all.
He wants no exception to the 75% taxation: by doi!ng this Francois Hollande can only hope to invert the current state of unemployment in France, but will only be sure to have a double decrease in popularity. His popularity has decreased more at the end of this summer than any other French President under the 5th Republic has ever experienced. French people are far to occupied by their future and already started to criticize harshly the four month fresh Socialist Government ways. 6 French out of 10 (59%) think to be rather unhappy of the beginning of Francois Hollande’s mandat (Le Parisien).
The first sign of the man and his claimed autority has started to stand firmly his position as his he belives this way will still lead the French people to salvation. He went to apply his 75% taxation law on everybody in the population, including footballers and artists.The socialist Party, lead the First Secretary Martine Aubry claims that the president is mobilized and mobilizes as much as possible to make France withstand the crisis better. Arnaud Montebourg the ministier of Productive Recovery then famously mentionned: « the battling presidency has begun ». How ever there is a left wing within this left wing (a part in the Socialist Party that differenciates itself from the rest) that criticizes the President on his neglect of improving social change for the majority of people in France. They claim that it is not over yet and that he still had much to do up until now already.However Martine Billard co-president of the Left Party strictly denounces such critique and announces very self-confidently that there will be no « shift » in Hollande’s policies.
Now in the UMP, Copeist and Fillonists together, regardlessly of the UMP presidential elections that were making such a fuss, mocked the President and his announcements: as many of people think, Hollande is way too optimistic and thinks he will fix great problems in an already troubled country in very little time, WITHOUT A MAGIC TAPE or GLUE. He has not realized the seriousness of the situation yet and focuses on trivial matters.
In the National Front, Marine Le Pen openly made fun of such a weak government, after having called sarkozy’s government an « overactive » one (in a pejorative way as well of course). Even I have to disagree with her however: Hollande has forgotten the regular presidents’ standards and now thinks and acts such an army’s man, even if he has to act in the same haste as Nicolas Sarkozy, Hollande’s predecessor, did. Hollande’s speaks of « fights » and many people are saying he just might be doing Sarkozysm by now already.

Is this weak and contested man who has been the French President since such a little moment finally going to wake up? For my part, I would have probably voted Socialist for those elections if Strauss-Kahn would have shown up, but if Hollande gets buffed from such critique than maybe in a few months he will be the man of the situation.


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