Social Network Addicition

21 Déc

Social Network Addicition

If you just can’t go to bed without having to go on Facebook or if you can’t spend a whole day without checking if you received any tweets, it is that you are most likely addicted to social networks. It is an addicition that is even possibly compared to addicition types of drug addicts. According to scientists it does 95% less damage than any other drug. However, the absolute need for the substance is more than present. More than 50% Americans could sacrifice coffee, chocolate, or alcohol rather than their cell phone in a week period of time. In france, over 68% of it’s Facebook community logs in every day and spends over 52 minutes on it. However, time spending on a computer flies faster for everybody, may they be on facebook, playing a game or browsing videos: 52 minutes pass quicker in one’s mind may it be on Facebook or any other thing watching the computer screen. However, even if the time spent on such social networjs varies, the dependance that people have is the same and does affect a majority of the users if they are adolescents.

A study lead by Columbia University focused on 1000 people aged between 12 and 17. It showed that such addicitions to social networks could lead to negative consequences: frequent users may be more enclined to use alcohol or cigarets due to exposure to party pictures. In France, over half of the people between 8 and 17 are connected according to the CNIL. This even worse knowing that having a Facebook account before the age of 13 is forbidden by Facebook policies themselves. But of course it’s that easy to hide one’s age on the internet, where being anonymous, and moreover possibly, a different person, has never been this achievable. These children have an average of 210 friends, among which a very large amount are complete strangers to them. Finally, a study lead by the German Health Ministry estimates that the dependance and the addction then is as important for girls (77%) than for boys (65%).

If there is one thing to retain from all those studies on addiction to social networks, it’s that risk to be dependant is real; especially concerning younger people. The barrier between addiction and abusive consommation is very thin; therefor parents must be extra vigilant on how their sons and daughters use these social tools.


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